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Samara is a highly intuitive individual and her yoga is the by far the most spiritual form of yoga I have experienced. Unlike other generic yoga gym classes, she creates a harmonious environment with soft scents of calming essential oils and her rhythmic voice guiding the movements.

The Full Moon Ceremony is something that has honestly changed my being. It has opened me up to a world of powerful female intuition and taught me how important and energising it can be to connect with nature in such a way. The ceremonies have a powerful vibe about them, you can feel the intention in everyone’s mind. Samara’s ceremonies begin with deep breathing, guided meditation, an explanation by Samara bout the particular full moon we are experiencing and the a deep chat about the energies involved. Then my favourite bit, she cleanses each individual body and mind with palo santo and lingers and takes her time with everyone. We then flow as one, guided by Samara and then we come to stillness, we reflect, we breathe into any tension and we listen to what our body is telling us, as instructed by Samara. We chant, we sing, we share our pains and dreams in our close circle of love. We remove what no longer serves us and walk out refreshed by Samara’s words and presence.

Samara’s style of teaching is unique in that her intuition allows her to really pick up on what each student may need. This is seen and felt in all of her teachings. I recommend her to all my friends seeking not only a fit lifestyle choice but also if they are in need of some soul searching because I know that Samara certainly has altered my path by teaching me that I have the power to alter anything myself.

I have tried many yoga flows and classes, and all of them have been amazing, however none of them have ignited a passion in me like Samara’s classes.

Samara has a very different way of teaching yoga, she is mindful and spiritual and speaks and teaches from the heart. I begin every class excited to begin and leave wondering where the time went! I feel enlightened and proud of who I am when I finish a flow with Samara. It is beautiful to be in a room of likeminded women with no mirrors or judgement, just pure love and happiness.

Samara has made me addicted to the feeling of moving my body in a new way, even though it may not be my greatest skill! I now enjoy practicing yoga on a weekly basis and have a new aura that I carry with me through life. I now vibrate at a higher ‘hum’ and I cannot thank Samara enough for the energy she exchanges with me.

I started taking yoga classes from Samara when I had moved to Australia in mid February of this year. I had taken yoga classes in the past, but never felt like I was getting the most out of my practice. The classes dragged and counting down the minutes on the clock became my way of coping with the hour-long meditative silence.

After sharing my first practice with Samara, I knew she would be accompanying me on my journey of transformation. For the first time, I have felt what many would consider “inner peace”, and am able to let go of my thoughts and worries.

Samara’s classes are never easy. They challenge you to push yourself both mentally and physically, but with patience and the desire to learn, she has helped me unlock a door I never knew existed.

Please get along to this beautiful girls class, such a wonderful space to be in. I leave feeling so peaceful and good about myself. It’s an awesome class that not only works your entire body but your mind as well.


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